I guess you clicked on a sponsored link go back and click on Go To Downlod Page Button.

This article focuses on explaining about how to download files from apkism.

1. First Of All Open The App/Game That You Want To Download.

2. you’ll see a button (Go To Download Page) below app infomation table check screenshot for more.

the two buttons above go to download buttons sponsored links.

3. click on the go to download page and it will redirect you to our downloader page.

4. a page like this will be shown you need to wait for 5 seconds and a button named continue will be opened for you automatically.

5. click on the continue button and it will find best server and youll be again redirected to 3rd party files hosting website.

in my case it redirected me to UPLOADRAR.COM Website the website maybe differ in your case.

File are uploaded to multiple file hosts and there are no fixed instructions on how to download. Yet there is a general solution you can try.

  • Open download link.
  • Untick “Download with Addons”*
  • Click download button.

6. so here, i will drop some steps to download from uploadrar.com

find this button on the page and do not click any of the other download buttons

7. click in the red color create download link button and then click on the click here to download button

8. your file will start downloading.



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